Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2018 with Anonytun VPN

UPDATED – 02/08/2018

As the government has decided to frustrate our browsing by planning on increasing data price to 250Mb for N1000.

We’ve decided to pepper them with a new free browsing cheat from Glo which works with Anonytun VPN.
Although the former Glo Cheat is still rocking, you can check it out.
This cheat has been confirmed as some of our group members have been rocking it.
So without no further ado, let’s go straight to today’s topic.
Requirements for Glo Free Browsing via Anonytun VPN
× Glo 3g Sim (4g sim doesn’t work because it won’t bring the data on)
× 0.0k( no airtime or data is needed)
× Download Anonytun Apk On Playstore
× APN (Gloflat)
× Patience and Accuracy
How to Activate the Latest Free Browsing on Glo via Anonytun VPN
After you’ve Successfully downloaded the anonytun VPN from playstore, open it and follow the below settings.
1) Tick (Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF) to enable it.
2) Connection Protocol, choose (HTTP).
3) Connection Port (80/443).
As illustrated in the image below.
×  URL/ Host =
× Request method = POST
× Injection method = Normal

Tick the following

✓Online host

5. Now hit the GENERATE button to save your settings.

Or to even save your stress, download and import this Anonytun config file if your using the latest Anonytun on Google play store because that support it.

6. Now choose any server of your choice and connect it.

It should connect instantly without any glitches.

UPDATES 02/07/18

Addressing the issue of the glo0.0k constant disconnection while using VPN apps.

This is why we are here to ensure you maximize the usage of the loophole.

I have created a special configuration which erases the need to frequently open ur VPN app to reconnect due to disconnection..

The VPN app will always reconnect by itself and resume your download..

So fellas.. Make that long queue of movies on your browser downloader preferably Uc browser..

Turn on the app and start your download while you go to bed.



1)Just download and install tweakware VPN from play store

2)Open the app and import the

3)Hit connect and enjoy blazing

Enjoy, and feel free to lay any complaint and issue you encountered while activating it and we will be glad to help.

Note: it works only on Glo 3g sim, Because Glo 3g sim can have data on without airtime or mb.

So what are you waiting for?? go grab your Glo sims and start surfing the net.

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